Food Pantry

Hours: Tue & Thurs
1:00pm - 4:00pm
Serving Payette County

Our Corpus Christi Food Pantry relies heavily on donations to keep us viable at serving greater Payette County. If you would like to donate, below are some of the staples that go out to every family in need. Donations can be dropped off in or near the baskets found at the entry of Corpus Christi Catholic Church.

1) Cereal- Cold or Hot
2) Pasta- Ramen Noodles or Mac and Cheese
3) Soups- 11 oz Soup or 15 oz Chili etc.
4) Milk- 12 oz Canned condensed or Individually packed dried milk
5) Canned Meats- Tuna 6oz or chicken etc...
6) Peanut Butter- 16 oz jars
7) Canned Fruit- Misc. 15 oz cans
8) Canned Beans- Misc. 15 oz cans
9) Canned Vegetables- Misc. 15 oz cans

The following items are getting low or are threatening to become dangerously low and would be great candidates for donation:

Cereal, Peanut Butter, Canned or Dry Milk, Canned Meats, Canned Fruit and Canned Beans.